This site is my collection of personal projects and collaborations I have worked on over my years of tinkering. I aim to document new projects, and to try and fill in the older projects as time an enthusiasm permit.

So why Superpants- Superpants has been a nickname for a few years, simply a corruption of my surname.

My interests, skills and experience are very varied, and therefore I can’t categorise myself into one type of hobbyist. This page should give you a good background to who I am and my interests.

On this site you will find write ups on many of the projects I have worked on over the years- there are a wide range covered here, ranging from simple lighting projects to builds of giant castles. Whilst the range is wide, there are a number of themes- Activities and events for Scouting, Lighting projects and use of second-hand, scrap or surplus parts to make something new, what could be classed as upcycling projects. 

I also aim for this site to be the most comprehensive and well referenced site on the web for information on Gunge, slime and Messy activities. I have been making gunge and using it since 1997, in a wide range of scenarios from games for scouts to advertising. I feel that although we are on the cusp of messy activities being more widely accepted into mainstream entertainment for adults as a fun activity, there is a long way to go before it loses its current connotations as either punishment or a humiliation, as epitomised in many TV shows, or as ‘just for kids’.

Professionally I am an Engineer designing vehicle components, especially parts for Electric vehicles. I live and work in Northamptonshire and have done since mid 2008.Previous jobs have included working on a wide range of other modes of transport form aircraft to armoured vehicles. When I'm not tinkering in the workshop, d I will generally be found in the outdoors taking part in my other hobbies, particularly Climbing, Caving, walking and Canoeing, but also others as I get the chance- mountain biking, skiing etc. I am also involved in Scouting, mainly in events and activities- more about that is elsewhere.

My other presences on the web are at Flickr, where I gather the best of my photos;

And at Instructables;

I am always on the lookout to work on new projects or to collaborate with others. If you have any interest on commissioning or working with me feel free to drop me a line.

I have over the past few years acted as a consultant for a number of messy projects, as well as providing practical support and supplying equipment to productions and can offer services to others in a range of ways. The weirder the better!

Credits to date include consultancy to several art installation projects, info to an events management company for slime themed runs, parts for gunge tanks and recipe development, practical support and equipment hire to an as yet unreleased vehicle advert using 8 tonnes of slime and gunge.

I welcome general questions about information on the website, and will update the site if these questions are widely relevant. I will aim to assist in the first instance free of charge, but if the application is commercial will quote if necessary.

I appreciate backlinks or credit to this site if you make use of information on it.

Effects Equipment
I have a range of equipment available for mixing and handling slime, gunge, foam etc and for dropping it, shooting it and dispensing it in a range of ways. Equipment includes mixers, barrels, tanks, liners, pumps, portable shower equipment, paint cannons, and associated power supply equipment, compressor and air and water hoses. I normally support on a ‘wet hire’ basis within the UK.

At present I am not set up for general retail supply, but do carry a stock of messy material consumables. These are normally supplied as part of my service provision, but if you have an application that requires it, I may be able to supply- feel free to get in touch.

Charities/ non-profit organisations
I can provide advice on using gunge and slime for your event should you not find the info you need on this site.

Special Builds
I have the ability to design and manufacture just about any fluid effect equipment you could desire from gunge tanks to fountains. As a professional Engineer, with a well-equipped workshop and stock of materials, widgets & thingies as well as reliable sources for other components, most things are possible.

What is shown on this site is a small proportion of the areas I have worked with- I have a range of innovate physical effects and techniques in development that could be exploited for appropriate events. I also have a number of creative ideas for how these could be used, as well as messy ideas for stage, video or live events. If you are looking for something different to do with fluids or powders, get in touch.

Whilst I am interested in collaborating on projects, my capacity to support these is somewhat limited. I am most likely to support those that are innovative or unusual. In the first instance please email your enquires to the address below;

Commercial use limitations
The information given on this site is primarily aimed at domestic users wanting to have some messy fun at home, and so the safety considerations and notes are written to reflect this.

If you wish to use this information for commercial use, please bear in mind that there will be other considerations and legislation that you may need to comply with in your area, and that you should carry out your own due diligence to support your business. As the relevant legislation varies considerably round the world, I am not in the position to give specific advice, but areas you may need to consider include;

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for handling ingredients
Prevention of falls, especially those relating to surfaces made slippery
Business insurance- especially public liability
Meeting industry standards or best practice- variously food, cosmetic and toy regulations
Meeting Environmental legislation regarding responsible disposal
Appropriate first aid provision
Compliance with legislation for toys

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