Rhubarb Gin

This recipe came about as a happy accident when I had a large glut of rhubarb. It is based on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Cookbook recipe for blackberry vodka.


2kg Rhubarb
1kg White or golden granulated sugar
2.25 litres Gin


For the best results, source a reasonable quality gin- you don't want all the effort ruined by a rough gin taste.
Smaller batches can of course be made by adjusting proportions.
1. Trim the rhubarb stalks, rinse with cold water, and shake dry (don't soak in water to avoid it taking up excess moisture).
2. Chop stalks into 15-20mm lengths, for thicker lengths, slit the stalks lengthwise.
3. Sterilise a demijohn and rinse.
4. Put the rhubarb in the demijohn, add the sugar and then the gin. Cork the demijohn and shake throughly.

rhubarb jar
Rhubarb in Gin
5. Keep the demijohn in a cool place in the dark. Shake up at least daily for the first two weeks to stop the sugar solidifying. Shake the demijohn regularly until the sugar is fully dissolved.
6. Keep the rhubarb in the gin for at least 1 month, however unlike other recipes like sloe gin, do not leave much longer than 3 months or it will tend to become bitter.
7. Clean and sterilise the bottles you intend to use to package it along with a jug and funnel. Pour the gin out of the demijohn through a piece of muslin in a funnel into a jug, catching any 'bits'

rhubarb filtering
8. Bottle from the jug.
9. The gin will be ready to drink straight away, but will also suit aging in the bottle.
(c) M.Pantrey 2014