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Over the years I have been involved in running a whole range of games for all ages of Scouts and Guides. Over time I hope to build up a library of ideas on this site. This page will show obstacles used for a range of different obstacle courses.

Alien Incubation Station
This has probably been the most used of the sets of equipment we have built, being used as shown for Beaver and Cub events about 5 times.
The premise is that alien eggs need to moved from the 'Alien egg storage pool" to the Incubator. Two teams of kid take it in turn to run the course.
Goo Tank Bungee
Alien Egg Storage Tank- Plastic pond filled with approx 200litres of gunge. The kids fish eggs (golf balls) out either with their hands or tongs. Bungee Frames- Welded steel frame on legs with bungee stretched across.
Teeter Boards Nets
Teeter Boards- The participants trazel across the boards. Boards made from sheet ply, screwed to round fencing stake. Cargo Nets- To be crawled under. Nets are made from garden pond safety netting attached to a periphial rope and pegged down to the ground.
Barriers Tunnels
Barriers- To be wiggled through. Ex BT barriers staked into the ground. Tunnels- Another crawl. These are lorry wheelarches, decorated with flourescent paint.
Duct Duck Really Tyred
Duct Duck- Duck under the arch whilst walking on the bridge. Made from a hotcpotch of industrial drain pipe, packing cases and bits of pipe. Really Tyred- Used tyres painted with flourescent paint. Hop through, landing in each.
Alien Incubator
Alien Incubator- Each team puts their 'egg' in the tube, and when have all completed the course pull the handle to 'incubate' Tudes are made of steel mesh and pipe fittings. Thanks to P. Furness for the photos

Dogstacle Course
This Obstacle course shares some common components with the Alien Incubation Station, but is themed as a 'Dog Agility' course, the twist being that the kids crawl round on hands and knees. It is normal to run two teams against each other. This has also been a popular activity, and has been run quite a number of times at camps and fundays.
Bone Tank
Bungee Frames
Bone Tank- The first obstacle is always to retrieve rubber bones to travel round the course with. On this occasion we ran the activity with the bones hidden in foam- the foam machine is the grey lidded unit at the top of the picture. Bungee frames- As per alien incubation station
Dog Tunnels
Teeter Boards
Dog Tunnels- collapsable fabric tunnels, with a hoop at the entrance end. Dependent on the participants we have put gunge or bubble bath and water in these Teeter Boards- very similar to the alien incubation station, but painted up brightly.
Wiggle Posts
Hurdles- Simple obstacle to climb over, made from PVC conduit, decorated with gaffer tape, and rested on small cones. Wiggle posts- flexible posts to weave in and out of. Foam pipe lagging over Polypropylene pipe, and wrapped with red gaffer tape. Posts are slipped over dowel pegs on the boards.
Cargo Nets
Cargo Nets- as alien incubation station Wash'o'matic- A clear tunnel which has an optical proximity sensor, rigged to a 12V solenoid valve. As the kids pass through, it triggers a spray of water
Trigger Unit
Trigger Unit- close up view. Valve and water inlet at top right (ideally connected to mains water supply), sensor on left, spray nozzle middle right.. Grey box contains control relay, power connection and additional trigger button Kennels- This is the end of the course. Bones go in the dog bowls, and the coloured buttons are pushed setting off a finishing siren. This can be reset remotely by the person running the activity by using a remote garage door opener keyfob.

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