Messy Games
Slooze ShowMessy games days
Crystal MazeCrystal Maze- games that could be adapted
The SourceThe source for youth ministry

Other Messy Info
Chemistry in the Toy StoreVery comprehensive site on the chemistry of toys
Ringling Bros PiesRingling Brother Circus- how to make shaving cream pies
GB FansGhostbusters Forum
Splurge GunsSplurge Guns
Muddy FacesMuddy Play resources

Messy Art
Bart HessSlime Art
Soren DahlgaardDough and paint
JMFXMaking Lady Gaga Slime Performance
PreservationBlake Little Preservation
Alex MeadeBody Painting

Messy Suppliers
The Soap KitchenUK Dye & chemical supplies
Basic Chemical CoUK Natrasol Supplier
Essentials for EducationUK Powder paint & Throwing Powder supplies
Buckets of FunUS Supplier of messy ingredients- will ship internationally
Douglas & SturgessUS Art supplier

Messy Index
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