This site has been using a basic set of links on the about me page for a while. I have decided that it is about time to update to a full on old-school style link page, so here goes. Suppliers are mostly UK based.

Messy Links
Messy Links
Messy Links Page

Fluid Sculpture
Casual ProfanityProbably the best fluid sculpture I have seen, inspiration for my experiments
TAOMCLoads of motion control art projects, including rising bubble sculpture
Falling DropsAttempts at a falling drop image writer- incomplete but lots of useful info

Artistic Inspiration
Jan Von HollebenPhotographer
Daniel EatockArtist & Graphic designer 
LomokevPhotographer & keen lomographer
Tim HunkinEngineer, Artist and Presnter of Secret life of machines
Lucy McRaeArtist & Videographer
Numen- For UseTape and other tension sculptures
Bart HessArtist
Cassandra HarrisonTextile and print artist & friend
Mutate BritainSculpture Collecive
Escaped CreativityArtist, musician & friend
Zeichen PressLetterpress Cards
In Flight LightsAircraft part furniture

General Sites
WoodgearsLots of good woodworking ideas including wooden gear template generator and fabulous marble machines
Jims pageHome built aircraft simulator/ motion base
CodesmithsCool furniture and similar items
Halloween Monster ListHuge list of halloween links
Wilf LunnCrazy inventions and sculptures
Big CliveLoads of things to make, lights, pyros and various other dangerous and interesting projects
ExploratoriumThe Exploratorium- Great hands on Science, technology and human perception museum in San Francisco
PyromarkGood primer on pyrotechnics
Eric HartGreat props blog
JarkmanVarious interesting projects
Marvellous Mechanical YarnFriend and knitting machine experimentalist
Nervous SquirrelSpecial effects and mechanical props
ImajeenyusVarious interesting projects
Ben KrasnowHigh voltage and high vacuum projects

Useful UK Material Suppliers
TrylonEducational technology supplies- good for plastics
OomloutElectronic kits & supplies
GS ProjectsSteel wire rope, fittings and rigging supplies
Leeside ToolsGreat secondhand toolshop near Littlehampton
FlintsTheatrical suppliers
TirantiSculpting supplies
MargnorFastener shop-  Carry far more stock on the website
Plastic Pipe ShopSolvent weld uPVC and ABS pipe
Douglas & SturgessArt & sculpting supplies (US supplier)

Educational Sites
NSTA FreebiesNational Science Teachers Association freebie resources
Science BuddiesScience fair project idea
NEA ResourcesNational Education Association resources

Other Sites
FlickrMy photos on Flickr
InstructablesMy Instructables
Make MagazineMy projects on the Make blog

Aircraft Breakers (UK)
AFRAAircraft Fleet Recycling Association
eCube Solutions- Barry
Everett AeroEverett Aero- Suffolk
Air SalvageAir Salvage International- Cotswold Airport
SycamoreSycamore Aviation- Durham
GJD ServicesGJD Services- Bruntingthorpe

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