I am a keen photographer- This page showcases some of my work.
For further photos, have a look at my Flickr pages, or to contact me use the email address on the about me page.

Tutu Paint

Tutu Painted
Tutu Powder Paint
Matrix Attitude
Matrix Attitude
Neon Lion
Neon Lioness
Neon Lit
Neon Tutu
Hold on to your head

Standing on Your Head
Neon Disembodied Head
Great Dorset at Night
Nightime at the Great Dorset Steam Fair
Little Shop of Horrors
The Bridge of Death
Underground Attitude
Underground Attitude
Gunge Tritych
Gunge Triptych
Fairy Legs
Fairy Legs
Narrow Boat
Narrow Bokeh
Gold Bodypaint

Black and Gold
Gold body paint
Smoking Bucket
Smoking Bucket

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